Saturday, August 8, 2009

Im on my way!

so yesterday i left my friends house in what i certainly thought would be enough time to get all packed and ready, but apparently it wasn't. me and my mom stayed up till 2 in the morning getting everything together and making sure my bags weren't overweight. i ended up only getting about an hour and a half of sleep before i had to face the cold in my house and take a shower. luckily, there wasn't a long wait until my flight from salt lake to denver, but it was pretty rough saying goodbye to my family. i'm trying to just be excited and positive and happy, and for the most part it's working, but i really miss them. i think things will definitely get better once I get to dc. so the first flight went smoothly, and i got to take a little cat nap for some of it, and it felt wonderful. so now me and austin (a kid from Utah who's going to India) have about 2 hours to wait around in the airport before our plane to dc comes. im so excited! it all feels so surreal that this is really happening. it's like i've seen it coming the whole time, bit never actually thought it would happen. i can't wait!!!

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Amber said...

Hahaha you and Austin sitting in the Denver airport. LOL seems like thats happened once before.... HA.only I was there that time :(
Hows that going??