Monday, March 22, 2010


well things have been happening. i cannot believe that its march. where has the time gone? honestly if i think about it i realize how long its been since i was at home but its all flown by like i wouldn't believe yeah...crazy.

a couple weeks ago i went to a birthday party. there were 20 kids hiding in my friends room, and they all jumped out and yelled when she opened the door. she cut a cake and gave everyone a piece. when she was taking a picture with some people, they got some of the marshmallow creme frosting and rubbed in on her face and hair. they everyone started doing it and she had to go shower haha. it was really fun. all her friends were really nice to me and taught me slang. after she was clean a couple people took her outside and smashed eggs on her hair and down her back, making her need to go take another shower. one of the presents she got was the most amazing animal i have ever seen. i don't know its english name but in bahasa its called a kuskus. its...indescribable. it has tiny teeth so they feed it mashed up banana and papaya. i got to hold it and i honestly just wanted to steal it and take it home with me. it has sticky little hands and it climbed all over me so getting a picture was hard but we managed :)

yesterday we went to the airport to get my host brother and sister because they were coming home from mecca. while we were there i saw a vending machine that had beer in it for about $2. i couldn't help but imagine all the shenanigans that would ensue if that was in america...haha

everything is amazing. i don't know how i can come back from this, how i can go back to high school after this. i'm sort of dreading it. i think i'd like to just run away and be a jungle hermit. live with the animals and make a hut of sticks. that would be nice. 

sometime in april there's a trip with the afs people to bali. can't wait for that :) so until then, cheers


McCaye said...

Wow, I don't know about that little Kuskus!! Sure, he's cute. But it could be quite a shock to wake up in the middle of the night and see him draped over the chair or dangling from the lamp!! What about his eyes, are they kind of like sloth eyes? He seems sort of slothy to me!!

You look so happy!!!


tjuandha said...


nice you had great time in indonesia, i stuck here! in Ohio, without car i can't go anywhere! so enjoyed your time!

PS: kuskus is so adorable, but i think their amount almost extinction!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha i think it's so funny that she had to take 2 showers! that sounds like something that would happen with livi and hannah.

that little kuskus has ENORMOUS EYES!!!! it's almost frightening! hahaha but that's the coolest gift i've ever heard of.

love and miss you, i know you don't want to come home but....i need you. and so i am so excited for the end of june to be here already. <3

Morgan said...

sounds like fun! I LOVED Bali, a bit touristy though, there are always secret locations to be found

I saw I am on your links, thanks!

Enjoy Indonesia!

Hannah said...
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James said...

That little kuskus reminds me of that little thing they catch in the talisman of shanara. I think it's name was Fawn. Don't let the shadowen stomp on it! ;)

Olive said...

that little thing looks like a mix of a monkey and a sugar glider....hahahaha he looks a little nervous too. Hes so cute! Hes probably as saggy as bageera hahahaha

jenny luv TVXQ said...

WOW..COOL I see u had pretty kuskus and batik there?? Have u been went to Borobudur, Prambanan temple then saw Ramayana ballet ? Congratulation :)