Wednesday, June 2, 2010

bali pictures


engrape finance said...

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James said...

Holy crap that looks so cool! I can't believe that giant snake. You're a lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky luck girl ;)

sarah louise said...

Flannery, your pictures are awfully magical and exotic-- you are a splendid photographer and a mighty adventuress!

Too bad Booker's giant snake souvenir is no longer a surprise, but I'm sure he will like it anyway, when you uncrumple it from your suitcase.

Certainly I am looking forward to my kuskus souvenir. I'll name him "Bitey." Much LOVE and see you soon!!!!

Noor Titan said...

Wow, It's amazing.
Hello, I'm Noor Titan, from Bandung Indonesia (you have to come to Bandung, it has cold weather).
Nice to meet you Fern :D